Digital products are not being delivered

Explains the reason why your digital products might not be delivered to your customers

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Digital products created with our Digital Downloads Pro app will be, by default, delivered once the order is placed and the delivery & fraud settings have been met. The app triggers an automatic email notification with the details so customers can access their digital products.

However, if your customers are not receiving their digital files, there might be something missing. Please check the following to see if we can find a solution to the issue.

  1. Ensure that the Digital product is active in the Digital Downloads Pro app.

    The product needs to be active on both your Shopify admin product section and in our app. If the order was placed with the Digital product on Draft mode, no content will be delivered.

  2. Check the Digital Product in your app and confirm that the needed content has been correctly assigned to it. If something is missing, please add it, and then proceed to send an update email.

  3. Confirm that the order in your Digital Downloads Pro app is not On hold. If that's the case, you're required to review the order manually before it can be delivered to the customer.

If it's none of the above, please reach out to our support team so we can continue assisting you.

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