Creating a Digital Product

Explains how to create Digital Products and how to use them in Digital Downloads Pro

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Creating new digital products in the app goes through 3 main steps. Linking a Shopify product or variant, adding digital content, and activating when ready.

1- Linking a Shopify product

The first step is to add a new digital product and link it to one of your existing Shopify products.

  1. Go to the "Digital Products" page

  2. Click the "Add digital product" button

  3. You will now see the Digital Product editing page

  4. Click the "Browse products" button to search for your existing Shopify product you would like to link to the digital product. You can select all variants of the product, or a specific variant.

  5. Once done, click "Save"

Example Digital Products with the linked Shopify product setup

2- Adding digital content for delivery

Next, you will want to add some digital content (files, license keys and/or custom links) to be delivered to customers whenever the linked Shopify product is sold.

  1. Click on the "Add files", "License key list" or "Custom link" depending on what type of content you would like to deliver to customers. You can add existing content from your "Content Library" or add new content if needed.

  2. Repeat this step to attach additional content for delivery.

3- Activating your digital product

After you have completed the two steps above to link your Shopify product and add some content for delivery, you can "activate" the digital product by clicking the 'Activate digital product' button or the 'Activate' link found at the top of the page.

When a digital product is "active" the system will start monitoring all of your orders, checking if they contain the linked Shopify product. If they do, then the system will create an order in Digital Downloads Pro, and if the delivery and fraud protection rules are met, send an email to the customer with links to access the digital content.

You can repeat the above guide to set up and link as many digital products as needed.

πŸ’‘Digital Products can have a "draft" or "active" state. Only digital products that are "active" will be delivered to customers when a linked Shopify product is sold.

Please do get in contact if you require any help or have any other questions or suggestions.

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