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How do I change the price currency and its formatting?
How do I change the price currency and its formatting?

How to check and change the currency used in your emails.

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The currency information is shown based on your Shopify currency settings. Here's how to check it out:

  1. Go to the Shopify admin -> Settings -> General page:

  2. Scroll down to the "Store currency" section and change the currency in that section. 

Note: You might be prompted to contact customer support to change it because, after your first sale, the currency is locked in.

Once the currency has been changed on your Shopify admin, the app will pull out that information automatically after a few hours or immediately after refreshing the store details.

Note: If you are using Shopify Multi-Currency or Shopify Markets local currencies, the templates will automatically display the amounts and currency in the customers' chosen/used currency. The app editor may show the "main" store currency during the editing process, but the final templates will display the correct currencies when Shopify send the emails to the customers.

Change the currency Formatting

Our OrderlyEmails app uses the 'Email with currency' and 'Email without currency' fields to display the currency and its formatting:

Note: If these fields are modified, the changes will be reflected automatically for any order generated, old or new. In case the changes aren't reflected on your templates yet, please consider refreshing the store details.

For more details about the available Shopify currency formatting, you may refer to this Shopify help article:

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