If you would like to print your documents on a smaller sheets of paper, follow the instructions below.

Note: Firefox does not support the CSS "zoom" property, which is needed to shrink the design. Therefore, this is possible, but only if you are NOT using the Firefox browser. 

Step 1

Login to the OrderlyPrint app, by going to Shopify admin -> Apps or by clicking this link:

Step 2

Once logged into OrderlyPrint, Go to the Settings, and then select > Document design page.

Step 3

Go into the "Custom CSS" section.

Step 4

Paste in the below code: 

  @media print {
    .printer-preview-content {
      zoom: 0.65;

Note: You can adjust the 0.65 number in the above code to adjust the amount of re-sizing. For example: 0.5 will make the document even smaller.

Step 5

Click outside the text area for changes to take effect.

Note: The document will look normal on screen, but when you click print you will see the design shrink to fit nicely onto the smaller paper.

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