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Go back to Shopify's default emails
Go back to Shopify's default emails

Instructions for going back to Shopify's default email designs with just a few steps.

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OrderlyEmails is a design tool that upgrades the emails that Shopify is sending for your store, but you can always go back to its default design. 

If you have decided not to continue with the designs from OrderlyEmails, you can go back to using the default email designs in Shopify. 

To do that, please follow the instructions below in your Shopify admin:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Notifications

  2. Select the notification type you would like to reset (Ex. Order Confirmation)

  3. Click on the Edit code button

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the notification type and select the "Revert to default" button.

This will revert your template back to the original default Shopify store email.

If your "Revert to Default" button is grayed out, not letting you revert it, you may try

deleting the 'Email subject' and 'Email body (HTML)' first.

Disabling emails

Our app doesn't send any emails; it's Shopify that sends them; therefore, disabling them it's not something our app can control. Most of these notifications are sent to customers automatically and can't be disabled. However, when you are processing an order, you can disable a few of the notifications for actions on that order. For this, you may refer to the following Shopify guide: Disabling Notifications.

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