Are "Product Options" supported?

Product options are supported by all of our templates, and no changes are needed for them to work correctly

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All of our templates have automatic support for product options (also known as line item properties) added by apps. Some popular apps that add product options are:

Bold Product Options
Infinite Options by ShopPad

Enable or disable product options

By default, product options are automatically shown in the emails for any product that has them. If you'd like to disable, or re-enable this setting, follow the steps below:

Step 1

In the OrderlyEmails editor, click on the "Products" or "Products with pricing" section of the email, to open it's options:

Step 2

Enable or disable the checkbox named "Show info added by product options apps"

Note: If the preview does not contain a product that has product options on it, you will not see any change when enabling/disabling the setting. However, the underlying code of the email will be changed to match your selection.

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