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Repeat the header on every page
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Our default templates will print documents as a single stream of content. However, we can take advantage of the HTML <thead> tag and its property table-header-group . This will allow you to display any content inside the header at the top of every page for any order.

  1. Decide what part of your document will be included in the table header. You can compress the code using the arrows on the left:

  2. Find the outermost div container, which usually contains the template's specific class template-000000:

  3. Below the opening tag <div class="template-710789">, paste the code below.

    <!-- Header -->
    <!-- Body-->

  4. Then, move the respective contents below the “Header” and “Body” comments of the table you just added.

    Note: Due to a Browser issue, if the header takes up more than ~ 1/3 of the printable page height, it won't repeat, and the body will break. We suggest making the repeated header content as short as possible; otherwise, you may adjust the content scale or paper size.

  5. Finally, add the CSS rule inside the <style> tag at the bottom of the code. Make sure to replace the class template-000000 with the value in your own template.

        .template-000000 table thead {
    display: table-header-group;

If you need help with these steps, send us a message, and our team will be happy to assist you. However, please bear in mind that we can't guarantee support for all possible design scenarios.

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