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How to create or update digital products by importing them from a CSV file.

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Importing digital products into your account using a comma-separated values (CSV) file is useful when you switch to Digital Downloads Pro from another platform or when you want to make many changes to your digital products.

When you import digital products, the data is converted from the CSV file into digital products based on the information in the file.

Before you begin

Download a sample CSV template to see an example of the format required. The CSV file must contain the following columns. Some columns are required, other columns are optional.




Used to match Shopify products to digital products.

(Required) The product_handle of the Shopify product which the digital product should be matched to.


Used to match the digital product to only specific variants of the Shopify product.

(Optional) Comma-separated list of Shopify variant ids.

If blank, all variants of the Shopify product will match.


Used to set the digital product status to either draft or active.

(Required) Must be either active or draft


Used to import new Files and attach to the digital product.

(Optional) Comma-separated list of publicly accessible file urls


Used to create or update Custom Links and attach to the digital product.

(Optional) Comma-separated list of URLs

Most fields can be exported from the Export Products option in your Shopify Admin. However, for the Variant IDs, you may get it by going to your admin> Analytics > Reports > under Inventory, ABC analysis by Product > Edit filters and columns to show the variant's IDs > Export.

The shopify_handle and shopify_variant_ids columns are used to determine if a new digital product should be created, or an existing digital product should be updated.

Importing your CSV

Once you have a CSV file with the needed information, you can import it into the Digital Downloads Pro app by following the steps below:


  1. Login to Digital Downloads Pro:

  2. Go to the Digital products page

  3. Click the Import from CSV link at the top of the page:

  4. Upload your CSV file

  5. Click Import digital products to start the import process.

You can follow the progress on screen, or continue using other parts of the app. Once import completes, you'll receive an email with the final status and any issues found during import.

If you have troubles with the above, or any other questions come up, please do get in contact with our professional 24/7 support team.

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