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Checkout Links app: Reorder button
Checkout Links app: Reorder button

Instructions for integrating the Checkout Links ( app to add a Reorder button to your emails

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The popular Shopify app Checkout Links allows you to add shoppable links to anywhere your customers are. This article explains how to use their reorder links with OrderlyEmails.

Setup is a one-time task, where you copy/paste the provided link from the Checkout Links into the custom section created for Checkout Links in OrderlyEmails.

Step 1 - Create a reorder link in Checkout Links

In the Checkout Links app, create a new links with the Link Type of "Reorder" -> "Checkout" or "Reorder" -> "Cart" depending on your preference.

Step 2 - Copy the link

Copy the provided link from the "Link" field.

Step 3 - Add to your OrderlyEmails template

1- In the OrderlyEmails editor, select the email you would like to add the reorder link to, from the email chooser. We recommend the "Shipping confirmation" email.

2- Click the "Add section" button

3- Select the "Checkout Links app - Reorder" section and click "Add"

Step 4 - Customize

1- In the "Button link" field, paste in the reorder link copied earlier from the Checkout Links app.

OrderlyEmails will automatically adjust the pasted link to include the necessary details for the Checkout Links app to function correctly.

2- In the section settings, adjust any wording as needed.

3- Continue with any other edits to your emails, and export to Shopify when ready.

If you have any troubles with the above, or have other questions, please do get in contact with our friendly 24/7 support team.

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