Filtering your orders

Explains how you may filter orders by the app and Shopify tags

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We understand that filtering your orders in OrderlyPrint is crucial for Order management, processing, and fulfillment efficiency. This article explains how you can filter your orders effectively.

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Filter by Date, Payment, fulfillment, and order status

When you log in to OrderlyPrint, you'll see the current filter used at the top of the Dashboard page. By default, OrderlyPrint will pull in open orders with a payment status of paid and fulfillment status of partial or unshipped, created within the 30 last days.

However, you may always adjust those filters to get a different set of orders by changing the dropdowns and clicking the "Fetch orders" button.

Filter by tags

OrderlyPrint allows you to set app tags so you can later filter orders based on those added tags. Here's what we need to do for easy filtering:

1- Set the tags name in the app

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint

  2. Click on "Settings" in the top menu

  3. Click on the tab "Tags"

  4. Add the tags and activate them:

Note: If you're planning to filter with Shopify tags, ensure they are set with the same exact name so the app can recognize them.

2- Filter by the added tags

  1. Go to the OrderlyPrint Dashboard

  2. On the "Filter by tags" dropdown, select the tags you want to use for showing or hiding orders.

    In the example above, two tags were selected, meaning that any order with either of the two selected tags will be displayed, regardless of whether the tag belongs to the app or is a Shopify tag.

Note: If you're not seeing your Shopify tags on the app dashboard, make sure to enable the "Show order tags added through the Shopify admin" option in the app Settings -> Tags section:

Use Shopify Filters

If you're trying to process orders under certain conditions that OrderlyPrint can't determine, you may consider filtering orders on your Shopify admin so they're then processed through our OrderlyPrint app. To apply Shopify filters, please do the following:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the search and filter icon.

  3. Click Add filter +.

  4. Select a filter category to filter your orders.

  5. Select a value for the specific filter. The values available to you are different depending on the filter that you select.

6. Once the filter is applied, you may proceed to select the orders, and in the pop-up actions bar, click on the three dots and select "Print selection in OrderlyPrint".

Note: Shopify has a limit of selecting 50 orders at a time from within their admin.

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