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This article describes and shows how you can view an order containing digital products for delivery to customers.

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Digital Downloads Pro has an order dashboard where you may find and view your orders containing digital products.

Find an order

  1. Go to the Orders page

  2. You will see a list of orders received from Shopify

  3. Use the filters to refine which orders are displayed

  4. Use the search to lookup an order. You can search on the order name, customer name, customer email, etc.

  5. To view an order in more detail, click on the order name.

Viewing order details in the app

To manage a customer's order, click on the order name in the list of orders to view it.

In the order details page, you can see the current status of this order, as well as which digital product was purchased and the associated digital content. You may approve or reject access (if requiring manual approval), edit the customer order access and contact details, add tags, and view how many times each digital content has been downloaded or used by the customer.

Viewing order details in Shopify Orders

You can view the status of the order in Shopify from the Shopify order panel. To quickly see its payment status and fraud risk level. You can also click the "View Shopify order" button to open the order in your Shopify admin, if needed.

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