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Manage order access limits
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Digital Downloads Pro uses a unique tracking system to monitor customer access to their orders, as we know that keeping control of how many times a customer can access their order is crucial, primarily to ensure content is not shared or pirated.

In the app settings, you can set the maximum number of times a customer can access their orders.

NOTE: Changing the Maximum number of times a customer can access an order setting does not update old orders. To adjust the access limit on older orders, you must change it individually. Any new order placed will have the new higher limit.

Adjust the access limit for a particular order

On the individual order level, you may also view and adjust the number of times a customer is authorized to access a particular order. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Orders page

  2. Locate the order you want to view and open it

  3. On the right panel, click Edit on the "Order access" section

  4. You can then increase or decrease the number of times the customer can access the order.

After all the order accesses have been used, your customer will be directed to a page displaying this message:

πŸ’‘ Digital Downloads Pro differentiates between page loads and new sessions to ensure accurate tracking. The app considers various aspects such as cookies, user-agent, IP address, and time to determine if a new "access" is being made. This ensures that the same person can reload the page multiple times without it counting as multiple accesses, but if the link is accessed from a new browser, a different location, or after a few hours, it will count as a new access. This system ensures that only the intended person can access the downloads and prevents unauthorized sharing of access.

Have any questions? Please do get in contact with our friendly support team.

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