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Automatically send a packing slip to your supplier/shipper
Automatically send a packing slip to your supplier/shipper

Explains the set up steps to get your packing slip sent to your supplier/shipper automatically.

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Sometimes you might want the packing slips sent automatically to your warehouse, dropshipper, suppliers, etc., when a product has been purchased so they can fulfill it and ship it out on your behalf.

With the help of our Order Printer Pro and a small setup on your Shopify admin, you can have them receive a packing slip that includes only the products they will need to fulfill.

Step 1

Set up the supplier or shipper as a "Custom fulfillment service" in your Shopify admin, as explained in this Shopify guide.

Once that is set up, each time you fulfill an order with products on it that are set up with that supplier or shipper, Shopify will automatically send them the "Fulfillment Request" email, showing only the products they need to ship.

Note: Our Order Printer Pro app is not the one sending the email; it's Shopify that sends the "Fulfillment Request" email (Shopify admin > Settings > Notifications) to the supplier based on the products you set up to be fulfilled by that service.

Step 2

Configure the Packing Slip as an Automated PDF, and make sure to choose the "Fulfillment request email" as the place you will add the pdf link to.

Once done, this will include a downloadable PDF of your Packing Slip template in that email. The document will automatically only include the products that this fulfillment provider needs to send off.

With both steps completed, when a new order is placed, the custom fulfillment service receives the email sent by Shopify, which then contains a link to download the pdf document.

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