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ParcelPanel app: Tracking buttons
ParcelPanel app: Tracking buttons

Integrating the ParcelPanel App for Track Package Buttons in Shipping Emails.

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The ParcelPanel app offers useful tracking services for your customers. This article provides instructions on how to use ParcelPanel with OrderlyEmails in two different ways.

Option 1: Setting up with the Default Tracking Button.

Our default tracking button utilizes the following structure to direct users to the ParcelPanel tracking page:

Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Open your OrderlyEmails app and select the Shipping confirmation email from the email chooser.

  2. Locate the "Tracking button" section in the list of sections.

  3. In the "Links to" field, choose ParcelPanel by UpperCommerce.

Option 2: Setting up a Custom Tracking Page URL.

If you have customized the tracking page URL in your ParcelPanel app, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the standard "Tracking button" section from our app editor and replace it with a regular "Button" section.

  2. In the "Links to" field, insert your custom ParcelPanel tracking URL obtained from your ParcelPanel account. The structure should resemble the following example:

    {{shop.url}}/tools/tracking?order={{ name | remove: '#' }}&email={{ email }}

    ​Note: Do not copy/paste the above; it's an example. Replace "tools/tracking" with the structure of your custom URL.

  3. You can also adjust the button's position in the email by dragging the section within the list of sections.

Following these instructions, you can integrate the ParcelPanel app with OrderlyEmails, providing your customers with an enhanced package tracking experience.

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