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Describes how to create the Blank template and how it works.

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Our OrderlyEmails themes include the 40+ templates for the emails that Shopify sends; therefore, they're specifically coded for the Shopify Notifications system; meaning that they will not work in other systems. However, the themes do include an additional "blank" email template that is provided for you to use outside of Shopify as it does not include liquid by default.

This email template is included so that if you want to build an email template for another system such as Reamaze, Mailchimp, etc., you can get a good starting point, as the app editor will allow you to add and adjust sections.

You can find and create a Blank template when you navigate to the OrderlyEmails editor. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Shopify admin > Apps > OrderlyEmails > Edit theme

  2. Click the template dropdown option

  3. Select the “Blank template”

  4. Here, you can add content sections to the template by clicking “Add Section” in the app editor.

  5. Once ready, click the “Export to Shopify” button to access, copy the template code, and add your own custom template code to personalize it further.

  6. Use the code in the system or app where you want to implement it.

Note: Our support cannot assist with using the "Blank template" outside the app as the way emails are rendered in other systems is very different from place to place, so it's impossible to know why things don't work. The Blank template may be used as a starting point for creating templates for newsletters or email marketing.

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