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Customization, delivery and fraud settings - Introduction
Customization, delivery and fraud settings - Introduction
An introduction to the customization, delivery and fraud settings of Digital Downloads Pro.
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Digital Downloads Pro comes with industry leading features for customizing, controlling delivery and securing your digital content. You will find these on the Settings page of the app.

Customizing emails & webpages seen by customers

Digital Downloads Pro makes it easy to customize and brand the emails and download page that your customers will see. This ensures your unique brand and style matches your store.

You will find the customization settings on the Settings page of the app, where you can add your brand logo and colors, as well as edit the content and wording each email and download page seen by customers.

Adding your logo and colors

  1. Go to the Settings page

  2. In the Emails & webpages section

  3. Click on Customize logo & styles to open the customizations page

  4. Make required changes

  5. Click the Save button

Customizing emails & webpages content

  1. Go to the Settings page

  2. In the Emails & webpages section

  3. Click on the email or webpage you would like to edit

  4. Make required changes to the text and wording in the Content tab.

  5. Optional: The Basic, Advanced & Plus plans support editing the email template code in the Template tab. This is an advanced feature and only recommended if you have coding experience.

  6. Click the Save button

Note: The text fields support custom Liquid code if needed.

Configuring your delivery & fraud settings

Based on payment status and fraud risk levels, you can control when an order should be delivered to the customer. You can also control how many times a customer can access their order, to ensure content is not shared or pirated. You can customize your delivery and fraud settings in the app on the following page.

  1. Go to the Settings page

  2. In the Delivery & fraud prevention section you will find the 3 available settings

  3. The Deliver orders with payment status of: setting controls when an order will be auto-delivered based on it's payment status. The system will monitor changes to the payment status of your orders and then auto-deliver the order if it matches your chosen option.

  4. The Require manual approval for orders with Fraud Risk level of: settings allows you to control which orders should not be auto-delivered, based on the Shopify Fraud Risk level score. This ensures that orders with a higher level of fraud risk require manual approval in the app, before being delivered.

  5. The Maximum number of times a customer can access an order: allows you to control how many times a customer can access the downloads page of their order. By limiting the number of times an order can be accessed, sharing of the order download link is limited, and will not impact legitimate customers who generally only need to access an order a few times. If a customer contacts you and does require more accesses to their order, you can do so when viewing the customers order in the app.


Digital Downloads Pro supports multi-language stores using Shopify Markets. The app will automatically detect your stores primary language as well as additional languages.

All content seen by customers (emails, webpages, product information and content) can be translated into multiple languages.

Automatically translated languages

The app contains translations for all emails and webpages seen by customers for the following languages:

  • English (en)

  • Simplified Chinese (zh-CN)

  • Traditional Chinese (zh-TW)

  • Croatian (hr-HR)

  • Czech (cs)

  • Danish (da)

  • Dutch (nl)

  • Finnish (fi)

  • French (fr)

  • German (de)

  • Greek (el)

  • Hindi (hi)

  • Hungarian (hu)

  • Italian (it)

  • Japanese (ja)

  • Lithuanian (lt-LT)

  • Malay (ms)

  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb)

  • Polish (pl)

  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)

  • Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)

  • Romanian (ro-RO)

  • Russian (ru)

  • Slovak (sk-SK)

  • Slovenian (sl-SI)

  • Spanish (es)

  • Swedish (sv)

The app will also use any translations of your product information from your Shopify account automatically. Example: If you have translated the name of your products in Shopify, those translations will automatically be used by the app.

Customizing translations

  1. Go to the Settings page

  2. In the Translations section

  3. Click on Translate to edit the translations within the app

  4. Make your required changes

  5. Click Save

Note: You will also see a Translate link at the top of the page when viewing a specific digital product, digital content, email or webpage in the app.

Please do get in contact if you require any help, or have any other questions or suggestions.

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