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An introduction to managing orders that contain digital products for delivery.
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Digital Downloads Pro automatically monitors your Shopify orders, looking for any order that contains products matching your Digital Products setup in the app.

When an order from Shopify contains a matching digital product, the system will create an order in Digital Downloads Pro.

The system will then check the order against the delivery and fraud prevention rules. If all of the rules pass, the digital content will be auto-delivered to the customer via email. If the rules do not pass, then the system will mark the status of the order, and continue to monitor the order for changes and updates, re-running the rules each time.

Viewing & filtering orders

To view your orders containing digital products:

  1. Go to the Orders page

  2. You will see a list of orders received from Shopify

  3. Use the filters to refine which orders are displayed

  4. Use the search to lookup an order. You can search on the order name, customer name, customer email etc.

  5. To view an order in more detail, click on the order name

Viewing order details

To manage a customers order, click on the order name in the list of orders to view it. You can then view the order status, approve or reject access (if requiring manual approval), edit the customer access, add tags and more.

Order status and details

On the order details page you can see the current status of this order, as well as which digital product was purchased, and the associated digital content. You can also view how many times each digital content has been downloaded or used by the customer.

Approving/rejecting orders

If the order does not pass your Fraud Risk settings, you will need to manually review the order before it will be delivered to the customer. When an order requires manual approval, a large banner will display at the top of the page, where you can either Approve or Reject it.

Shopify order section

You can view the status of the order in Shopify from the Shopify order panel, to quickly see its payment status and fraud risk level. You can also click the "View Shopify order" button to open the order in your Shopify admin, if needed.

Order access section

You can view and edit the number of times a customer can access their order by clicking the "Edit" link in the "Order access" panel on this page. You can then increase, or decrease the number of times the customer can access the order.

Edit customer name and email address

If needed, you can edit the customers name and email address by clicking the "Edit" link in the "Customer" panel on this page. This is useful if the customer made a mistake in their email during checkout.

Resend email

If needed, you can resend the email to the customer with their download page link by clicking the "Resend email" link at the top of the page.

Revoke access

If needed, you can disable all access to this order by clicking "More actions" and then "Revoke access"


If needed, you can add tags to orders, to help with organization. You can then filter orders based on your tags, from the Orders listing page.

If you require help with any of the above, or have other questions please do get in contact with our friendly support team.

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