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Multi-language emails (Translate & Adapt by Shopify)
Multi-language emails (Translate & Adapt by Shopify)

Instructions for setting up multi-language Shopify email notifications when using Translate & Adapt by Shopify on your website.

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Translate & Adapt by Shopify is an app focused on the Shopify Markets functionality. So, if you're wondering how to get our OrderlyEmail templates integrated with this app to adapt your email notifications language for every Market, this guide will help you get everything set up.

Note: It does take some setting up, but once done will automate the process completely.

Step 1

Customize all the emails in OrderlyEmails for the store’s main language, and subscribe to the theme if you haven't done it yet.

Step 2

Follow the “Export to Shopify” instructions to copy/paste the emails in the Shopify admin.

Step 3

Go back to our OrderlyEmails app > Email themes > 'Duplicate', making sure to rename the theme, including the language you are translating it to (to make it easier to identify later).

Step 4

Customize the duplicate theme in the editor to translate it into the needed language.

Step 5

Click “Export to Shopify” and then copy/paste the email code into the Notifications section of your Translate & Adapt app for the matching email, language, and all supported Markets.

Step 6

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for the additional languages you may want to translate the emails into.

Step 7

Once everything is set up, you may want to preview the templates to confirm it's all configured correctly. You can do this on the Shopify Notifications section; just click on the email notification and language you wish to preview.

Visit Shopify Translate & Adapt for more info about how this Shopify app works.

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