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Explains how to get the Gift Card details displayed in the Gift Card Created template

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The Shopify Gift Card Created email template can be edited in OrderlyEmails, and contains a button that leads directly to the purchased Gift Card. This is achieved by using a liquid variable that takes the direct link to the gift card generated by Shopify and embeds it on the button in the email.

Redirecting your customers to a page generated by Shopify that looks like this one:

The link will only work if the variable {{gift_card.url}} is placed in the “Links to” section of the button editor. If any other variable or link were to be placed in this section, the button would not work correctly.

Add the Gift Card Code

OrderlyEmails allows you to display the gift card code directly into the email body easily. Here is how:

1. Head over to the Sections tab, click on Add section and select Text.

2. Grab the section and place it above the Button section.

3. Enter the Text section and add the snippet {{ gift_card.code }}.

You will see a blank section right then, but it will display when the email is sent.

4. When you’re done styling your template, click on Export to Shopify and follow the exportation process as you normally would.

Whenever Shopify sends its Gift Card Created notification, your customers will see the Gift Card code:

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