Shopify Order Printer app doesn't save

Explains the reason why the Shopify Order Printer app might refuse to save your template

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If you've exported your template to the Shopify Order Printer app, but when you click on the 'Save' button nothing happens, then your template likely contains an emoji that conflicts with the Shopify app.

We all love emojis, but for some reason, the Order Printer app by Shopify doesn't. When a template has emojis, it causes issues that prevent saving it.

You may remove the emoji by doing the following:

1- Login to Order Printer Templates (Shopify admin -> Apps)

2- Click the "Customize template" button on your design

3- In the editor, enable the "Edit text mode" switch

4- Click and type your changes in the preview to remove the emoji

5- Once done, click "Export to Shopify" and copy/paste the new template code again.

Optionally, if you really what your emoji on the template, you may consider adding the emoji HTML code instead, either in the template code or in the app editor. Just replace the emoji with its HTML code reference. For example, instead of ๐Ÿฆ•, use 🦕.

In the template code:

In the app editor (once exported, it'll show up just fine):

For more emojis HTML code, please check this open source.

With either of the two solutions offered above, the Order Printer app should now let you save your template, and you can start generating your documents.

Note: If when trying to save, you get the "Body contains unsupported tags or attributes: script" error instead, you may check this help guide.

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