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Recommended Products section isn't updating or showing
Recommended Products section isn't updating or showing

Troubleshooting guide if the "Recommended Products" sections isn't updating or showing in your emails.

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A "Recommended Products" section can be added to your emails, to get customers buying again from you. The recommended products section, works by creating a Collection in your store, and pulling the recommendations from that Collection.

The Recommended Products section is not updating. Why?

If you make changes to the Collection in your Shopify admin, this change might take up to 4 hours for OrderlyEmails to process. The app runs the collection update cycle every four hours, and once complete your changes will be visible in the emails sent to customers.

Note: By default, the products won't change every 4 hours, but they'll auto-update to always recommend top products to match those conditions you've set, but they won't keep changing randomly on every email sent.

The Recommended Products section is not showing. Why?

If the entire Recommended Products section is not showing, we'll want to keep in mind a few things:

  1. The emails require at least two products to be able to create the "You may also like" section. It could happen with an order that the app only finds one product that can be recommended because the rest either:

    - No longer exist

    - Don’t have an image

    - Are not published in the online store sales channel

    - Are sold out.

  2. If some of the purchased items are also some of the ‘products recommended’, the email will not include recommendations for products in the current order.

    Note: The emails will only include two or four recommendations. If there are three available (because the 4th was purchased), it will switch to two recommendations to keep the rows of the emails consistent.

  3. The app was installed longer than a month ago, but you never purchased the template (your templates were in draft). The app stops generating recommendations for the trial account after one month. However, it will start generating them again when you go back to the app and purchase a template.

  4. If all the products in the OrderlyEmails collection are inactive 'draft', the app won't display the recommendations section. The app will display only active products:

You may check this guide for more info on how 'Recommended Products' work.

Please do get in contact using the message icon on the lower right corner of this page if you have any further questions.

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