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Rush app: Track package buttons
Rush app: Track package buttons

Instructions for integrating the Rush ( app for the Track Package buttons in shipping emails

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The popular Shopify app Rush provides a branded package tracking service for customers of your store. This article explains how to use and setup Rush with OrderlyEmails.

Setup is done by changing the "Tracking button" section in the Shipping emails, to automatically link to your branded Rush tracking page.

Step 1

In the editor, select the Shipping confirmation email from the email chooser.

Step 2

Click on the "Tracking button" section in the list of sections.

Step 3

Change the "Links to" setting to "Rush โ€‘ Ship, Track, Notify"

The app will then automatically include the correct code in your emails, so that they link to the relevant tracking page for the customer:

Note: This will also update the link used in the Shipping update and Shipping delivery emails automatically.

To learn more about Rush and their shipping, tracking and notification features, visit their website:

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