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Grouping line items in picking lists
Grouping line items in picking lists

Explains how to get the same item grouped with total quantity

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If you do not see the item in a single line with the total units, but instead, you see one line per unit in the summary list, there is nothing to worry about. We can easily change this behavior by following the next steps:

• Login to OrderlyPrint (Shopify admin -> Apps)

• Go to the Settings -> Document design page

• Go into the Options and formats section of the editor

• Scroll to the PICKING LIST SETTINGS section

• Under PRODUCT SUMMARY LIST, disable the checkmark for Show product options (from apps).

This will ensure the grouping of the products in the Picking List. For example, here we kept that option enabled and the products were split depending on the information provided by the product options app (Variant section):

And here we disabled the option and the products kept grouped by the product SKU:

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