Re-aligning the email text

Explains why it’s not possible to re-align the text in the emails within the editor.

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It’s not possible to re-align all of the text in the emails within the editor. The reason is that emails need to be coded very specifically to make sure that they display correctly in all of the different email software.. and making changes like that can cause issues with the display.

However, if you are using a left-aligned theme and want a center-aligned text, you can find a theme that has centered text by default, like the Copenhagen, CM Commerce, or Atlantic themes.

If you are using a center-aligned theme and want a left-aligned text, you might prefer the New York, Paris, Venue, or Empire themes.

You may visit the template store here.

And if you already purchased your theme and still want to switch it to a different one, no worries; just get in contact with our support team using the message icon on the lower right corner of this page and let us know which theme you prefer instead.

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