Right-to-left text support

Get your emails text displayed from right to left with just a click.

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OrderlyEmails supports the Right-to-left (RTL) feature, so it allows you to switch the direction of text and the layouts. This is super useful when your email template is in languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

You can enable RTL text by doing the following:

1- Login to OrderlyEmails (Shopify admin -> Apps)

2- Click the "Customize" button on your design

3- In the editor, go to the "Theme settings" tab

4- Go into the "Typography" section

5- At the bottom of those options, enable the new RTL text direction checkbox.

6- Select the option “Export to Shopify” and follow the onscreen instruction to finish.

Having more questions? No worries, get in contact with our support team using the message icon on the lower right corner of this page.

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