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Grapevine - Attribution survey
Grapevine - Attribution survey

How to set up a post-purchase survey in your Shipping Confirmation/Delivery Emails

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Grapevine Surveys helps you create a simple post-purchase surveys that can be sent to customers through the Shopify Shipping confirmation and Shipment delivered notification emails.

If you have the Grapevine Surveys app installed, and want the emails to include a post-purchase attribution survey, then this article will help you to get it set up in OrderlyEmails.

Step 1

In the OrderlyEmails editor, select the Shipping confirmation/Shipment delivered email from the email chooser.

Step 2

Click the "Add section" button found at the bottom of the sections list.

Step 3

Select the "Grapevine - attribution survey" section and click "Add".

Step 4

Personalize the text information as you prefer.

NOTE: The correct link will be included on the button automatically. If you haven't set up your survey yet, please visit the Grapevine Surveys app first.

Step 5

You can also change the position of the button in the email, by dragging the section in the list of sections.

Done! Your Shipping confirmation and Shipment delivered emails will now automatically include the post-purchase attribution survey.

If you have any troubles with the above, or other questions come up, do get in contact with our friendly 24/7 support team.

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