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OrderlyPrint does support edited orders
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OrderlyPrint and our other three apps (Order Printer Pro, Order Printer Templates, and OrderlyEmails) have been updated to be fully compatible with Shopify's new "Edit order" feature, with quantities, pricing, taxes, discounts, etc. All being recalculated based on the changes made to an order through your Shopify admin.

Orders can be edited through the Shopify admin, by clicking the "Edit" link in the top menu bar when viewing an order:

Then the documents in the app will automatically update to match the edited order details.

NOTE: Please note that the way that Shopify handles edited orders depends on the order being processed. If the order is paid, then they issue a refund, so the original purchase must be shown on the invoice. This means that Shopify issues refunds for paid orders, instead of just removing items. If the order is not paid, then the items should disappear automatically, and the amount will be updated accordingly.

If you have any additional questions or if you're experiencing issues with edited orders, please get in contact with our support team using the message icon on the lower right corner of this page.

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