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How to export order data in OrderlyPrint, in various formats or file types

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Having a flexible export feature in OrderlyPrint allows you to create the exact files needed based on your order and customer data quickly and easily.

OrderlyPrint supports both many pre-made export files, which contain the information needed to import into various shipping products, as well as a flexible custom file builder so you can choose exactly what should be exported.

Order exports can either export as a CSV file, or as an Excel compatible file.

Exporting order data

  1. Select the orders on the Dashboard page of the app that you would like to export

  2. Click the "Export" button

  3. The file will be generated and downloaded for you automatically.

Read on to learn how to customize the exported file information.

Pre-made order export files included

1- In OrderlyPrint, go to Settings -> Exports

2- In the "Information to export" dropdown, select one of the pre-made options available:

  • Australia Post eParcel import file

  • Australia Post MyPost Business (Domestic) import file

  • Bring import file

  • Canada Post import file

  • Dashboard order list (full)

  • Dashboard order list (product rows)

  • Dashboard order list (simple)

  • International import file

  • La Poste import file

  • Nightline import file

  • Picking list product summary

  • Picking list recurring orders

  • Picking List products only

  • Post Danmark/GLS import file

  • Royal Mail import file

  • Route Planner

  • Shipping Addresses


Creating your own custom export file

Here's how to create and setup a custom export file:

1- In OrderlyPrint, go to Settings -> Exports

2- In the "Information to export" dropdown, select the "Custom export file..." option

3- A new section will display at the bottom of the page, where you can add the needed columns and information.

4- Once done, click the "Generate test file" button for an example, or go back to the Dashboard page, choose your orders and click "Export"

Note: You can also re-order the position of columns, by dragging them in the list of columns.

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