Address labels are great to be peeled-off and stuck directly onto your packages.

Note:  The app labels are just Address Labels, they do not have any integrations with shipping carriers. So, we have no way of including any "paid" shipping labels from other systems in the templates.

Customize your Address Labels

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint (Shopify admin -> Apps)

  2. Click the "Settings" 

  3. Click the "Address labels" option

  4. Change the "Label Settings" and "Label Content" to your preference.

Note: Almost all label manufacturers base their label sizes on the Avery label standards, so if you use another manufacturer and you don't see your label listed, check your supplier's website to find out which Avery Label size it matches.

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint (Shopify admin -> Apps)

  2. On the dashboard, select the orders for which you want to create the labels

  3. Select “Labels” to generate them 

Add Integrated Labels to your Invoices and Packing Slips

Invoices, Picking lists, and Packing slips support integrated labels. Integrated label paper make it possible to print a document and the address label on the same sheet of paper, where the label peels off. You can enable them in your templates like this:

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint (Shopify admin -> Apps)

  2. Click the "Settings" 

  3. Click the "Document design" option

  4. In the editor, go into the "Theme, styling and layout" section

  5. Adjust the settings found under the heading "INTEGRATED LABELS".

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