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Difference between OrderlyPrint and Order Printer Pro
Difference between OrderlyPrint and Order Printer Pro

Describes the main differences and features between the OrderlyPrint app and the Order Printer Pro app.

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The main difference between the apps is that OrderlyPrint is designed for very high volume stores, where they are processing hundreds of orders each day, maybe even thousands. It therefore contains advanced features like Picking Lists, Filters, Tags, Export of data to Excel/CSV and also fulfillment.

Order Printer Pro is great for stores who are processing up to a hundred orders in a day, where the more advanced features (and higher cost) of OrderlyPrint does not make sense.

The main features of OrderlyPrint

  1. OrderlyPrint is more for high-volume stores, plus stores where efficiency and a fast warehouse process is much needed.

  2. The app supports loading up to 500 orders at a time. 

  3. OrderlyPrint allows you to automatically deliver PDF documents to your customers using the "Automated PDFs" feature, so you don't need to manually print common documents, such as invoices. 

  4. Includes the following documents by default: 

  • Invoices

  • Packing slips. 

  • Returns label, which can be included when printing Invoices and Packing slips. 

  5. OrderlyPrint also creates Picking lists for faster picking/packing of orders

  6. With OrderlyPrint, you can generate Address labels or CSV/ Excel Exports.

  7. OrderlyPrint allows you to both print and save PDF documents from your Shopify          admin.

  8. Easy customization for templates can be done through the editor.

  9. OrderlyPrint can do fulfillment of orders in bulk with just one click, syncing                     tracking information into Shopify.

  10. Has tagging for better order management.

The main features of Order Printer Pro

  1. Order Printer Pro can create your customer-related documents quickly, up to 50 at a time.

  2. Templates can be imported from Order Printer by Shopify and Order Printer Templates.

  3. Improved template designs. Order Printer Pro includes the following documents by default:

  • Invoices / Receipt

  • Packing Slip

  • Returns form

  • Quote for Draft orders

  • Refund / Credit note

  • Purchase order (for dropshippers)

  • Commercial invoice for exports

   4. Supports Shopify Multi-currency.

   5. Order Printer Pro allows you to both print and Export PDF documents from your            Shopify admin.

   6. Order Printer Pro works with regular and draft orders, allowing you to print and              email quotes to customers.

    7. Order Printer Pro allows you to automatically deliver PDF documents to your                  customers using the "Automated PDFs" feature, so you don't need to manually              print common documents, such as invoices/receipts. This also reduces your                  support requests asking for receipts/invoices.

    8. Order Printer Pro actually works in the Shopify POS and Mobile apps.

Both apps have a free trial, so you can test them out and see for yourself if needed.

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