Pausing your subscription

Instructions for putting OrderlyPrint on pause, by uninstalling the app.

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You can put OrderlyPrint on pause by uninstalling the app. OrderlyPrint will remember your store details when you re-install it later, and so it's totally safe to uninstall and then reinstall at another time. You won't loose your settings.

To uninstall the app, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to the Settings section

  2. Find the Apps and sales channels section.

  3. Locate OrderlyPrint in your list of installed apps

  4. Click the Uninstall link all the way on the right side, and confirm.

This will automatically cancel your subscription, stop all recurring charges as well as remove the app from your Admin.

You can re-install from here when the time comes: or from the Shopify App Store at:

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