Including returns forms

Instructions for including Returns forms when generating Packing Slips and/or Invoices

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Returns forms can be generated easily when printing Packing Slips and Invoices. To enable the app to automatically include a Returns form when printing the mentioned templates, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint (Shopify admin -> Apps)

  2. Go the Settings -> Document design page

  3. Go into the Theme, styling and layout section of the editor

  4. Scroll down to the RETURNS FORM section of settings

  5. Make sure it is enabled for the document type you want the returns forms to be included with.

The returns form will then be automatically printed after each document type you chose, grouped by the order.

For example: If you are printing 3 orders they'll be printed like this:

Order 1: Packing slip or invoice
Order 1: Returns form
Order 2: Packing slip or invoice
Order 2: Returns form
Order 3: Packing slip or invoice
Order 3: Returns form

This makes including the correct documents when packing each order much easier.

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