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SendOwl app: Digital products download link
SendOwl app: Digital products download link

Instructions for setting up SendOwls digital goods download link in your OrderlyEmails design

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SendOwl is a great service to selling and delivering digital products to your customers, and it can be used together with OrderlyEmails.
Please follow the below instructions to add the SendOwl digital downloads link to your Order Confirmation email in OrderlyEmails:

1- Head to the Shopify settings page in your SendOwl control panel here:

2- Clicking that link will open a popup modal. Select the 'Order Email' option:

3- Next, copy the code shown on the popup:

4- Login to OrderlyEmails (Shopify admin -> Apps)
5- Click the "Customize" button on your email theme
6. In the editor, click on the "Introduction text" section:

7- Paste the SendOwl code into the "Text" field, as shown below:

8- Done!

The download text and link will be automatically included for any order that contains a digital product.

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