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Description and instructions of the Fulfillment features of OrderlyPrint

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OrderlyPrint can help you process more orders faster, and one of the benefits is our fulfillment feature.

The fulfillment feature let's you quickly select which products from an order are being shipped to a customer, add tracking information and then synchronises this with Shopify. 

It can also automatically trigger the normal "Shipping confirmation" email to be sent to the customer with their tracking info, so they can follow it's progress without contacting you.

Using OrderlyPrint you can fulfill up to 500 orders at a time, saving hours of work.

How to fulfill your Shopify orders in OrderlyPrint

1- On the Dashboard page, select the unshipped orders you want to fulfill

2- Click the "Fulfillment" button

3- A new page will open where you can:

a) Adjust product being fulfilled and the quantity, if needed.

b) Select your shipping carrier and add the tracking number

c) Select if the customer should be notified of the shipment. This triggers the normal "Shipping confirmation" in Shopify to be sent, automatically including all of the details.

d) Click the "Fulfill orders" button to create the fulfillments with the added details.

Default Settings: You can change the default carrier and notification settings on the Settings -> Fulfillment page.

Multi-location support: OrderlyPrint supports Shopify stores with multiple locations. When fulfilling orders, simply select the location where you are shipping the selected orders from before clicking the "Fulfill orders" button.

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