Using the "Magic Designer"

The magic designer styles your emails to match your website design, automatically!

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To help you create beautiful email designs without having to spend a lot of time, we've created a feature called the "Magic Designer".

The Magic Designer will analyze and import your online store's:

  • Logo

  • Color scheme

  • Fonts

  • Button styles and shape

  • Social media profiles

and intelligently apply those to your selected email design, automatically.

How to use the Magic Designer

1- Click on the "Magic Designer" section, found in the "Theme settings" tab of the editor:

2- Click the "Start" button and the app will go to work.. takes about 5 seconds.

3- Once your site styling has been analyzed you'll be shown a preview, and asked if you want to keep or undo the changes:

4- Exit the Magic Designer and use the other sections in the "Theme settings" tab to adjust any final colors or fonts, if needed.

💡Note: This feature requires your online store to not be "password protected" or showing the "Coming soon" page. When your store is password protected, the app cannot analyse your website style to do it's magic. You can temporarily disable your sites password protection on this page of your Shopify admin:

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