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Selecting orders from within OrderlyPrint
Selecting orders from within OrderlyPrint

How to use order filters to select orders, and set defaults for when you login to OrderlyPrint

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OrderlyPrint works by pulling in your order information from Shopify, and giving you the tools to print, pack and fulfill those orders faster.

Real-time data

The app pulls in fresh order information from Shopify in real-time, so the data displayed and used when filtering is always in synch with Shopify.

Filtering orders on the Dashboard page

When you login to OrderlyPrint, you'll see the current filter used at the top of the Dashboard page. The app will pull in the latest orders matching the filter you have setup, allowing you only display and work with the orders that need your attention.

By default OrderlyPrint will pull in orders matching all of the following criteria:

Open orders with a payment status of paid and fulfillment status of partial or unshipped, created within the 30 last days.

In most cases, these are the orders that are ready to be picked, packed and fulfilled.

You can adjust the filter to get a different set of orders by changing the dropdowns and clicking the "Apply" button.

Changing the default order filter

To change the default filter used on orders when you access the app:

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint:

  2. Click on "Settings" in the top menu

  3. Click on the tab "Filter"

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