Customising your document designs

How to customise the Picking List, Packing Slips and Invoices in OrderlyPrint

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Welcome! One of the great things about OrderlyPrint is that you can provide staff and customers with professional documents to work with, that also reflect the information and styling your store needs. This includes uploading your logo, choosing fonts, and enabling/disabling certain order data from showing.

Document design

  1. Login to OrderlyPrint:

  2. Click on "Settings" in the top menu

  3. Click on the tab "Document design"

You'll now see a preview of your document, and the controls for customizing on the right side of the page

Changing the document preview

You can change which document you are previewing, by changing the dropdown found just above the preview section.

Editor explained

Below is a brief explanation of each section of the editor controls:

Store Info - This controls the information about your Shopify store shown in the document, such as the store name, address and contact information.

Theme, styling and layout - Use this section to change the look and styling of all your documents at once. For example you can change the "theme" layout used, upload a logo, as well as change fonts and colours used. Changes will be applied to all documents, so you only need to make changes once.

Options and formats - Control all the information included in your documents based on your Shopify store and order details. There's lots of options here, so your documents can be customised to your exact needs. For example, you can adjust tax settings, address/date formats and much more.

In this section you'll also find options for customising individual documents, such as settings that only apply to the Picking List, Packing Slip or Invoice.

Edit language / text - Change the wording used in the documents, as well as change the language of your documents with a single click. When you access this section, the text in the document will become editable, so just click and type your changes as needed.

Custom CSS - Allows advanced users to add custom CSS that will be applied to the documents. It allows for making style changes that are not supported in the regular editor controls.

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