It is possible to have the emails in Shopify in multiple languages languages, but it does take some setting up initially. 

Following are instructions if you are using the Langify app on your multi-language website:

Step 1

Customize the emails in OrderlyEmails for Language 1, then export the code for each email into a file.

Note: You must first purchase the theme to be able to export the email template code.

Step 2

Go back into the OrderlyEmails editor and update all of your emails into Language 2, then export the new code for each email into another file.

Step 3
Use the below code, to place the full email template code into the language section:

{% case attributes.language %}
{% when 'ly2315' %}
{% else %}
{% endcase %}

Note: This is only an example, so make sure you enter only the language codes provided to you by Langify.

Step 4

Copy and paste the full code into the correct notification email in the Shopify admin -> Settings -> Notifications page:

Langify documentation

Langify also have instructions for setting up multi-language emails, which can be found here:

The main difference is that instead of translating small sections of the emails, when using OrderlyEmails you place the entire email code in each language section.

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