PDF Export is not coming through

Explains possible reasons why you may not see your PDF export in your email inbox

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If you are not receiving your PDF exports via email, here are some reasons and solutions to ensure you receive them.

1- Check the Spam folder.

Email service providers' spam filters are good, but occasionally, they can send legitimate emails to your spam folder. It's a good idea to check your spam folder if you haven't received your export file after some minutes.

2- Check your logo image size

If you're exporting documents in bulk (50 or almost 50), and your template contains a high-resolution logo image, it may cause the export process to fail due to the final email being larger than your email service will accept.

Solution: Reduce the logo size and resolution or reduce the number of orders to be exported.

💡Email-receiving services (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) have a maximum attachment size limit that they allow into the inbox; most of them are 20-25 MB.

3- Super large orders

If you're generating documents for extremely large orders, it's likely that the export file size is bigger than what the email client supports.

Solution: Try removing the product images from your template document as instructed in this guide.

If you have never faced this issue and none of the above applies, please get in touch with our support team. We'll be happy to help!

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