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Add Policies to my Invoices after a Page Break
Add Policies to my Invoices after a Page Break

Gives instructions so you have your Invoice and Policies information in the same file

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By default, Shopify will automatically attach PDFs of your Terms of Service and Refund Policy to your Order Confirmation email, as this is required in some countries to make Shopify email templates compliant with local laws.

However, if you're looking to add an additional page with your store policies to your Invoice document, it's also possible. Here, we'll guide you through the steps to get it done.

Step 1: Add a page break to your Invoice

While technically, HTML doesn't have a concept of pages, which means our templates will take as many pages as needed based on their content, you can add a division element with the "break-after: page" CSS property right on the spot of the page you want the split to happen. In this case would be at the end of your Invoice template code.

<!-- Page break here -->
<div style="width:100%; break-after: page;"></div>

Step 2: Add your Terms and Conditions policies to your Invoice

To add your policies to our document, they must be formatted in HTML

1- From your Shopify Admin, go to 'Settings'.

2- Locate the 'Policies' section you want to add.

3- On the text editor, click the </> option on the top-right to show the HTML.

4- Once you have the HTML, please copy it.

5- Go to your Order Printer Pro template and access the template code you edited.

6- Paste the HTML just below the page break division you added earlier.

7- Make sure to 'Save' the changes.

That's it! Once you print, export, or save your files, it'll correctly add your policies on an additional page.

Have any other questions? No worries! Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team by clicking the little message icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

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