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Add a custom image to your template

How to add a custom image to any of your templates

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If needed, you can add a custom image or images to any of your templates. This is helpful to display additional information or just to give your template a more branded design.

Step 1 - Upload your image

You’ll first need to upload your image to your Shopify files section. This can be achieved by following the instructions below:

1- Access Shopify Admin > Settings > Files > Upload files > Choose and upload your image.

💡Note: Try not to upload an image with a very high resolution as heavy images can affect the orders' export time.

2- Click on the "Copy link" button, and you will have the link to the image you’ve just uploaded:

3- Paste that link within the quotation marks in this line:

<span> <img src="paste uploaded file url here" style="width: 60%"/> </span>

Like this:

<span> <img src="<>" style="width: 60%"/> </span>

Step 2 - Add the uploaded image to your template code

Now, you may use this snippet of code to display the image in your templates.

You can paste it wherever you’d like this image to be added. Let’s say you’d like to have this added right above the "thanks" message in your footer. In this case, please follow the instructions below:

1- Access Order Printer Pro > Manage templates > Edit template > Code

2- Look for the {{ TEXT_thanks }} section:

{{ TEXT_thanks }}

3- Right above it, copy the code linked to the image you added. As in:

Now, your template has the new image added to it, like the example below:

Step 3 - Adjust image size (optional)

You can change the image size by changing the width number at the end of the copied line:

Increasing or decreasing the width percentage will enlarge or reduce the size of the image in your template so you can make it fit appropriately.

If you need help with any of the above, our friendly support team is more than happy to help.

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