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Updating the Customer Shipping and Billing Addresses
Updating the Customer Shipping and Billing Addresses

How to easily update the Customer Shipping and Billing Addresses in the templates.

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Our templates display information from the order details, including shipping and billing addresses. This ensures that the data displayed in the templates corresponds to the information entered in the Customers' address section.

However, we understand the importance of updating the customer's billing and shipping addresses in a document comes up from time to time.

Edit the shipping address

To change the shipping address from the Customer section, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, go to the Orders page.

  2. Find and select the order for which you want to edit the Shipping Address.

  3. In the Customer section, click on the three dots and select the "Edit shipping address" option.

  4. Enter the new shipping address.

  5. Click on Save.

Once saved, our template will automatically reflect the changes on the documents.

Updating the billing address

The billing address information is collected during checkout, and customers have the option to use the shipping address or a different address as their billing address.

However, once your customers complete their orders, the billing address cannot be modified. The reason for this is that when you modify the shipping address, Shopify only updates the shipping address itself, even if your customer selected the option to use the same address for billing. So, if you try to change the shipping address (using the method explained above), the billing address will stay the same. Therefore, if an order has already been completed, changing the shipping address won't have any impact on the billing address.

You may read more in this Community Post about why Shopify doesn’t allow storeowners to edit the Customer's billing address.

Workaround to edit the billing address on the document

Note: The following guide is useful if you wish to edit the billing address on a document before printing or saving; however, this will not update the billing address from the order details or for the Export PDFs option.

It is possible to update both addresses on the templates by doing the following steps:

  1. Select which order you would like to print using Order Printer Pro.

  2. Once you're on the app's Print Preview page, click on the details you want to edit.

  3. Proceed to delete or modify the desired information.

  4. Click on 'Print' to save or print the document.

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