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Include the Automated PDF link on SMS notifications
Include the Automated PDF link on SMS notifications

Instructions for sharing the PDF download link for POS orders

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To ensure a seamless customer experience, Shopify's SMS Notification feature allows customers to enter their phone numbers instead of email addresses during checkout. If SMS notifications are enabled, customers who opt to receive SMS notifications will receive their order confirmation directly on their mobile phones.

Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow merchants to change the default SMS notifications that are sent to customers. This means you won't be able to add our PDF links to the notification directly.

However, as a workaround you can add the Automated PDF to the "Order status page". In this way, if you, as a merchant using POS, send a “Text Receipt” to a customer, once they receive their SMS message, they will be able to click the link in it, which redirects them to the order status page where they would be able to download the PDF receipt.

Here is the workflow simplified:

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