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"PDF Link Text Can't Be Blank" Error in Order Printer Pro
"PDF Link Text Can't Be Blank" Error in Order Printer Pro

Explains how to solve the "PDF link text can't be blank" error while saving a template in Order Printer Pro.

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Sometimes, when you try to save a template, you might see an error message saying, "PDF link text can't be blank."

This error usually happens because the "PDF setup" section in the Automated PDFs feature doesn't have any message or text in it. Therefore, this error prevents you from being able to save the template.

To fix this error and successfully save the template without any issues, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Order Printer Pro app and go to the Automated PDFs Section.

  2. Select the same template you’re showing to your customers and check the "Setup PDF Link" button.

  3. Then, add a text or message for the PDF Link and complete the installation:

After following the steps provided, the error should be resolved, allowing you to save the template successfully without any further issues.

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