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Generate documents for any order

Instructions for creating documents for previous orders

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The best place to select, view, print, or export any order is from the Orders page of your Shopify admin. There, you can use Shopify's built-in filtering and selection process to find any order in your store, including old orders.

💡Note: The documents created with the Order Printer Pro won't be stored or saved anywhere; the app will temporarily generate the document when you decide to export or print the documents for your purposes, but we currently don't keep records of what documents were generated for each order.


1- From your Shopify Admin, go to the Orders page

2- Find and select the order(s) you want to print or export

3- In the actions bar, click on the three dots, and then select 'Print with Order Printer Pro' or 'Export PDF with Order Printer Pro' if you plan to export it.

If you require orders from specific dates or meeting certain conditions, you may always create a filter on the Shopify orders page and then proceed to select and print.

As long as the orders are still available in your Shopify admin's Order section, you can print or export them using the Order Printer Pro app.

Note: You can select and print a maximum of 50 orders at a time. The 50-order limit is something that Shopify controls, and apps cannot change that limit, unfortunately.

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