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Explains how you can go back to Shopify orders while using Order Printer Pro

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On the latest app update to Order Printer Pro that brought a range of improvements designed to enhance the user experience as well as performance, the 'Back to Shopify' link was moved to follow the Shopify App Design Guidelines closer.

Currently, if you want to go back to the Shopify order(s) while processing documents with our Order Printer Pro, our app has two easy ways to do it.


You may use the "breadcrumb" Order link found at the top of the order processing page:

For a single order, it'll go back to that specific order's page. If you process multiple orders, the page will return to the Orders list. All of this without having to open new tabs.


Do it by using the order number link at the top of the print page:

If we click the individual order numbers on the print page (E.g. "Packing Slip - #01|1294"), the app will open the order in a new tab. This is useful in case you have multiple documents listed on the page and only want to open a specific order.

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