Moving the Qty column to the left

You can easily move the Qty column to the left in the Packing Slip

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By following this guide, you can move the Qty column to the left in your Packing Slip documents.

Note: The following guide is relevant if you are using the default template designs that are provided within the Order Printer Pro app.

If your Packing Slip was recently created or you've recently installed Order Printer Pro, you may get this change done easily:

1- Go to the "Manage templates" page of Order Printer Pro
2- Click the "Edit template" button on your Packing Slip
3- In the Code section, find this line near the top:

{% assign SETTING_move_qty_column_to_left = false %}

4- Change it to:

{% assign SETTING_move_qty_column_to_left = true %}

5- Click the Save button

Once that is done, the Qty column will automatically be set on your template's very left side.

If your Packing Slip code doesn't have this option, you may create a new Packing Slip; the new versions will have it.

To create a new template, simply go to Order Printer Pro-> Manage Templates-> Create Template-> Packing Slip.

Optionally, you may contact our support team to help you get this modification done.

We're more than happy to help 24/7.

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