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Removing the Automated PDF link from your store
Removing the Automated PDF link from your store

Instructions to remove the link for the Automated PDF from your emails.

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When trying to remove the PDF link from one of your Shopify Notification emails, you’ll need to find the code snippet added when you initially set up the link, and then delete it from the email’s code.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open your Shopify Admin > Settings > Notifications and find the exact email notification you want to delete the link from.

2. Make sure the selected notification still has the link and click on 'Edit code'. Then, in your email code, look for a snippet similar to:

<p><a target='_blank' href='{{ id | times: 3681 }}/{{ name | handleize }}.pdf'>Click here to download your PDF receipt</a></p>

Select and erase it. Then click Save.

4. Click on 'Preview', and you should now see that the link is no longer included in your email.

Note: If you’re having trouble finding the code, you can head over to the Automated PDFs section in Order Printer Pro and follow the steps as if you were setting up a new link using the same template you had initially set up.

Once in the template code, use Control + F (on Windows) or Command + F (on MacOS), to search for the code you previously copied.

Select it and erase it, click on Save, and you should be all set! The email will now be sent without the Download your PDF link on it.

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