Changing your store name

How to update/change your store name shown in the provided template designs

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You can update your store name in the documents in two ways: either in the Shopify admin or within the template code.

Change store name in the Shopify admin

If you want to edit or change your store name, then you can go to your Shopify admin > Settings > Store details and edit your store name in the Profile section. Once those details are updated, and the store details refreshed, the app will automatically import the new store name.

Change the store name in the template code

If you want to change the name not to be the same as your Shopify admin's store name, then follow the steps below.

Note: The following guide is relevant if you are using the template designs that are provided within the Order Printer Pro app.


1- Login to Order Printer Pro

2- On the "Manage templates" page, click "Edit template" on the template you would like to update.

3- In the "Code" section, find {% assign shop_name_text = "" %} and type your store name inside the quotes:

4- Click Save

If you don't find this, it's probably because the template doesn't have the latest version. In this case, you can click on "import or reset template" to create the new one, or you can simply:

1- Find the following Liquid variable that reference your store name:

{{ }}

2- Highlight this variable and delete it.

3- Type the new store name you want to have on your documents in this empty space.

4- Click Save.

Need any help with this process? No worries; feel free to get in touch with our support team.

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