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In depth explaination of why it is not possible to use Metafields in our apps

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It is not possible to access Metafields attached to Shopify Orders, Products or Customers in our apps.

The issue is that Metafields information is not embedded into Order or Product info directly. This means that we need to request Metafield info from Shopify separately, one at a time. Because our apps allow for bulk processing, it means making hundreds of API calls to Shopify to get the metafields information in real-time.

As Metafields are dynamic (they can have any namespace and key), we also cannot load them ahead of time because we don't know which namespace and key will be needed.

Thus, it is not possible to include information from Metafields in the apps from a performance perspective. Of course if it does become possible in the future, we'd love to add it to our apps.

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